The Quality of Dairy Cow Bedding and the Occurrence of Environmental Mastitis: Review


  • Tomáš Jambor Slovak university of agriculture in Nitra
  • Zdenek Drotar
  • Jozef Bires



manure, dairy cows, mastitis, microorganisms


An excessive incidence of inflammation of the mammary glands of dairy cows has been observed in many dairy farms in the past, which has been demonstrably correlated with an increased incidence of microbial pathogens in livestock environments. The causes of mastitis can be infectious or non-infectious in nature, one of the main sources of this disease is litter material in the lager. The issue of mastitis has a significant impact on the economic value of dairy cows and therefore it is necessary to create effective measures that eliminate the appearance of pathogenic microorganisms. In this respect, litter material obtained by physical separation and thermal treatment of slurry may represent a suitable alternative ensuring inhibition of the development of dangerous bacteria while maintaining the comfort of dairy cows. Current evidence on the safety and benefits of such material is limited and data on effects on clinical and/or subclinical mastitis are insufficient. In this review, therefore, we would like to shed light on the onset of mastitis in dairy cows and point out possible procedures for treating slurry in practice.




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Jambor, T., Drotar, Z., & Bires, J. (2023). The Quality of Dairy Cow Bedding and the Occurrence of Environmental Mastitis: Review. Archives of Ecotoxicology, 5(2), 66–69.



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