• Ivan Permana Putra IPB University


To date, allelopathic activity of mushroom  has not been reported in Indonesia. The aim of this study was to examine the allelopathic activity of wild mushroom extract through bioassay germination on Vigna radiata L. seed. A total  of 13 wild mushrooms namely : Amanita sp.1, Armillaria sp.1, Armillaria sp.2,   Auricularia sp., Clitocybe sp., Crepidotus sp., Fomitopsis sp., Ganoderma sp., Lepiota sp.1,  Microporus sp., Panaeolus sp., Polyporus sp., and Rigidoporus sp. used for the material extraction.The extraction of 13 wild mushrooms was done using pure water. Pure extract (25%, 50%, and 75%) was applied by using sprayer directly on the seed for 7 days. The parameters observed including percentage of seeds germinating, length of radicles, and length of plumules. The highest germination rates as well as length of plumules and radicles were obtained in the negative control using distilled water, whilst Imperata cylindrica extract which used as positive control showed opposite result. Mushroom extract showed variation in the parameter observation. Rigidoporus sp., Daedalea sp.1, and Microporus sp. 2 seem to have the best activity of allelopathic effects, while Auricularia sp. consistently induced the highest effect of seed development. Overall, in line with few previously reports, this results can broadening the information of utilization of allelochemical properties of wild mushroom.

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